Wednesday, February 27, 2008



Aran from Cannelle et Vanille tagged me for a meme. I tried using Wikipedia to figure out what "meme" means. I found that entry rather indecipherable (and slightly hilarious).

Apparently i'm supposed to reveal some facts about myself. I prefer to focus on recipes, but I'll jump on this meme train and indulge you with some personal tidbits.

1) This is my favorite book. I almost bought it solely for the cover art. Another customer saw me pick it up and said "That book is amazing. You have to buy it." I think it's really beautiful.

2) I'm pretty frugal and try not to acquire more possessions than I can move myself. That said- there are certain items I'm willing to splurge on if I save a little: high quality bedding, japanese ceramics (or other fine china/earthenware), and nice stationery. Design Sponge gives me a lot of inspiration. I really treasure and use almost everything I own.

3) This is the first cookbook I ever used. I made a lot of chocolate chip cookies and brownies. Occasionally toad-in-the-hole (bread with an egg cooked in the middle).

4) I love going to sleep and waking up early. I really value my sleep; it's one of the highest things on my list of priorities. Sleep, exercise, and eating habits really affect my mood, so I try to keep them stable and maintain a certain amount of routine.

5) I really love costume dramas, especially if they make me cry. I've seen the new Pride and Prejudice five or six times. I love the costumes, the cinematography, the accents, the angst, the romance...Some of my current favorites include I Capture the Castle, Nicholas Nickelby, Daniel Deronda, Legends of the Fall, Jane Eyre, Mansfield Park, The Piano, Bleak House, Shakespeare in Love, Moll Flanders, The Remains of the Day, and many others.

6) I'm very punctual. I hate that many music and social events have an implied period of lateness. Ugh.

7) I'm smitten with Pittsburgh. Every time I exit the Fort Pitt tunnel and see the gorgeous view of the city, my heart catches in my throat. I have no desire to leave anytime soon (possibly ever).


Aran Goyoaga said...

thank you for doing this. i loved reading about you, seriously. and i loved your photo!

Anonymous said...

Meme means little sister in chinese. maybe that helps?

abe said...

internet memes are not real memes. they are all variations on what you just did here. my favorite involves drawing pictures of commenters' lj interests.

really though. i think you should start a cookie meme. with cookies. and the postal service.

Kathryn said...

I seem to have a similar weakness for costume dramas. I think the Other Boleyn girl may be out this weekend. It isn't Jane Austen, but it still would be fun.

Dana said...

That was my first cookbook too!! And the chocolate chip cookie recipe is still my standard. I've tweaked it just a little, but it's the best I've ever tried. I love that the book came with measuring spoons too!

kellypea said...

I love the photo that accompanies this. Although I have a food blog and am a Daring Baker, I do have another blog and memes are rampant there! Sometimes you just have to deal...or not. Anyway, good to see you in the list of the intrepid group of DBers...

Carly said...

I LOVE TIGANA!!! (especially the cover, too...)

I love costume dramas, too. Do you own the BBC miniseries of Pride and Prejudice? Also, I have a weak spot for Jayne Eyre (the book and the movies) and Little Women movies... heh. /cringe

Joanna S. said...

I stumbled on your blog (which is beautiful, BTW), and looked at your photos of Pittsburgh.

Just moved away a few months ago. I'm smitten with Pittsburgh, too. People outside of there just don't realize what a beautiful city it is.

Koren said...

I just discovered your blog, lovely pictures. That cookbook was my first as well and I've loved cooking ever since. My mom still has the measuring spoons.