Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thrift Store Finds.

Tube Pan and Cake Pan

My New Dish Set

My Chair!

Red White and Blue is my favorite thrift store in Pittsburgh. I frequented the now closed location near Kennywood and bought random things like cheap polaroid cameras, vases, funny hats, welding goggles, and vintage teacups.

Now that I have friends with cars, I can visit the location at 890 Saw Mill Run Blvd. Siobhan and I went last week. I picked up a lovely 50s dish set, a stainless steel/acrylic cake container in the original German packaging, stainless steel air-tight storage containers, a square tube pan, a 10x6 baking pan, and a few other knick knacks. It's a great place to look for cheap cookware, dishes, and eclectically shaped baking pans. They also sort their clothes by color!

The chair was a craigslist find. I thought i'd include it because it's super cool. I'm going to recover the cushions with some happy, bold fabric.


Kelly said...

those are some of the best finds ever. i'm envious of the cake platter and chair!!!

natalie said...

I love thrifting - you just never know what little treasures you'll come across. Fabric, yarn, odd looking dishes and funky clothes...and every piece has a story to tell.

I've never seen a square tube pan before - very unique. Seems to be in pretty good shape too (no rust or food stains). Wonder if you need to line it with parchment. Anyways, can't wait to see what you'll make with it :)

slush said...

I love the square bunt. Great finds!

cookworm said...

That location is my favorite, too. There's another one that is pretty good (i.e. not picked over) but it's a bit far. Love that tube pan.

Erin said...

What a pretty teacup!

Tartelette said...

I love the cups, they are adorable. I love going to antique stores and thrift stores. So much history of people and places in one spot!

Anonymous said...

Hey...The chair looks like a chair and couch that we bought at Sears about 45 years ago. We loved it, and only sold it when we moved into a huge 150 year old house where it looked like doll house furniture. Until recently we never bought anything new! The built in character of previously loved furnishings is hard to beat. Auntie