Sunday, February 3, 2008

Mushroom Tart.

Mushroom Tart

I made this recipe again for the potluck last week. I love a simple mushroom tart and this one gets plenty of flavor from dried porcinis and homemade mushroom stock.

I've also eaten my way through a box of poco dolce's bittersweet chocolate tiles with sesame brittle and sea salt. The coconut almond tiles are easily my favorite, but Mon Aimee Chocolat ran out.

Poco Dolce

The burnt caramel ones are also delicious. I think I just love anything with sea salt on top.


vb said...

I love mushroom tart and yours look fabulous! I read yr recipe and saw that an egg is added in with the cooked mushrooms before pouring all into the pre-baked tart shell....may I know if this makes it more quiche-like? Pls pls advise. Tks

Lisa Campbell said...

It's not very quiche like- the egg is to bind the cream, milk, or mushroom stock that you pour on top. It helps keep the tart from being too dry.

It's a whole ton of cooked mushrooms just held together and kept moist by a light custard.