Saturday, October 27, 2007

Scones from Enrico Biscotti Co.

Scones from Enricos

During undergrad I took a 7:56am bus to the Strip District almost every Saturday. Now I avoid Saturday because it gets so crowded! Still, I love the Strip and I go there for different things depending on my mood and the time of year.

Right now i'm in a scone phase. While I like traditional, soft cream scones with jam or clotted cream, I'm rather partial to drop scones. These ones have particularly crusty exteriors (and i'm a sucker for anything crusty.)

I think my current favorite flavor is raspberry with lemon icing. Today I decided on lemon and chocolate chip/pecan. They were perfect with coffee. In general I love the combination of chocolate/lemon and coffee/lemon.

Scones from Enricos

The Enrico Biscotti Company is one of my favorite places. You can always find good, comforting food there, and Larry Lagatutta has great stories about old italian ladies, handed-down recipes, and knife injuries. Their cafe is now open six days a week, so you can get your wood-fired-pizza fix.

Now if only the yearly supply of Bahlsen christmas cookies would arrive. Then it would really feel like fall.


Pete said...

If you want scones, take a Saturday morning bus to the Farmer's Market at the Firehouse and talk to the Mediterra lady. Get there early. She makes cream and currant scones that are absolutely to die for because they are crusty but for once thank god not dry and dense on the inside. It's like eating a sweet creamy biscuit, only it's a scone.

Of course, if you go and buy them all and I miss out I'll hate myself.

Lisa Campbell said...

Truth be told, i'm not actually the biggest fan of the Mediterra scones, though I have friends who swear by them. I am a huge fan of the hazelnut/chocolate biscotti though.

Anonymous said...

i love enrico's scones does anybody have recipe for them