Sunday, October 28, 2007

Carrot Cake.

Carrot Cake

I've made this carrot cake at least ten times, possibly more. It's a recipe my mom has used since I was little. I never tire of it and i'm always proud to serve it. I usually use a bundt pan, but occasionally i'll make a layer cake or a roulade.

It's the one recipe I can never bring myself to share.

Usually, I get very angry when people refuse to trade recipes. Sometimes the refusal seems selfish, malicious, and rude. Other times, it's more understandable. Some bakers and food professionals guard their recipes to protect their livelihood. Other people just want a recipe that distinguishes them and is special to their friends and family.

Marge, a family friend, make the best fruitcake i've ever tasted and sends us two every Christmas. She won't give the recipe to anyone. It's maddening, but it makes her cakes very special. I have jokingly offered her my firstborn for the recipe.

I'm not sure why i'm so reluctant to part with this recipe. I love that it's been passed through family. I feel like posting it on the internet will somehow make it less special, less personal. I tell myself if I ever open a bakery or catering business, this will be on the menu.

I will give you any other recipe in my repertoire. I'm just not ready to let go of the carrot cake.


Melinda said...

How about a taste then instead?

Patricia said...

The cake looks beautiful!