Sunday, October 21, 2007

Brooklyn Blackout Cake

Brooklyn Blackout Cake

This is the Brooklyn Blackout Cake from Tish Boyle's The Cake Book.

Something is wrong. My baking has been off for a week and a half or so- about the entire time i've been ill. I decided to make this cake for a potluck, but nothing went quite right.

The cake layers were either undercooked, or over-ly moist. This could have been due to too much liquid, or the fact that valrhona cocoa powder has a higher fat content than other cocoa powders. Probably too much liquid, too little flour. My chocolate pudding filling wasn't as set as I would have liked. I think I should have used a higher percentage cocoa.

When I tried to frost the cake, the broken middle layer started sliding out with the pudding. I managed to precariously cover the mess in frosting and hide all damage with the cake crumbs.

I'm going to serve it anyway without comment and hope it tastes fine.

Brooklyn Blackout Cake


Melinda said...

Is it called blackout cake because of the frosting layer or because it caused a power outage in Brooklyn?
I'd have a slice of that.

Tarah said...

That looks decadent!

Anonymous said...

Whenever I have a disaster {the cake sticking to the pan or falling apart} I make trifle. Custard, whipped cream and a little brandy always saves the day. Auntie

Joey Biscotti said...

Hello, PNE... We tried this cake as a precursor to adapting it for our purposes and, you know, we had all the same issues you did... the layers were way too moist and collapse'y in the middle, the filling was like liquid when we tried to fill the layers, BUT the frosting was excellent!!!

ExPat_Riot said...

I did a Google search for blackout cake, I saw this amoung some others. I thought this one looked the nicest. When I clicked on it, it still looked nice. After reading what you wrote, I now know it's probably a bit guey, but I think that's why I like it! Hope it tasted good.