Saturday, September 15, 2007

Wedding Cake (Part Two.)

It was brought to my attention that my posts don't often reflect the amount of frustration I experience during difficult baking.

At the moment, I never ever want to make a wedding cake again.

We baked the cakes last night. Creaming 3 pounds of butter is very difficult when you're using a hand mixer instead of a giant Hobart.

There were injuries. Blood was shed (I cut my thumb pretty wickedly while slicing layers.) And it's still not done! Tomorrow there will be touch up and decorating with some ribbon and flowers. Then there's the issue of transporting it to the reception, and cutting/serving it.

I've been incredibly nervous about the whole thing. I'm plagued by questions like what is the volume isn't so good, what if there's not enough icing, what if I don't use enough dowels, what if the buttercream all melts, what if no one likes the cake...

If you ever want to attempt your first wedding cake, here is my advice to you:

1) Plan ahead. Way ahead. Make yourself a little cake baking calendar.

2) Make way more frosting than you need to. Make sure you're doing math for the amount of frosting between all the layers.

3) Find a wedding cake recipe. Don't just throw together random frosting, cake, and filling recipes.

4) Get some friends to help.

5)Remember to breathe, try not to have a nervous breakdown.

In the end, i'm sure it will be ok. Even nice, maybe.

Perfectionists, beware the wedding cake.


april at cookworm said...
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april at cookworm said...

Wow, all I can say is, good luck! Hope it turns out to be a success.

(As for the above "this post has been removed", it was me, fixing a typo. The residual message makes it sound a little nefarious, huh?)