Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Scoop on "Oh Yeah"

There is a new ice cream/coffee parlor on Highland Ave (across-ish from Casbah.) It's called "Oh Yeah!" and when I stopped by this evening the guy behind the counter said they'd been open less than 24 hours.

The decor is pretty cool. They have posters emphasizing eating locally. All of the countertops are made from recycled bowling alley lanes. The railings and signpost look like they were made by the folks at Iron Eden. Cuter still, the door handles are oversized ice cream scoops.

They do not make their own ice cream, but rather bring in a few flavors from Dave and Andy's and many from Woo City Creamery: a fantastic place in Ohio. I'm excited to see the product, as pints at Whole Foods are really expensive. They get their coffee from La Prima (yay!)

Oh Yeah! isn't any more expensive than your average ice cream place.They also have Woo City's vegan "woo foo," a sort of vegan ice/ice cream. I really like some of Woo City's flavors: the bailey's, chai, and coffee chip are awesome. They had a good looking peach one too.

There is something about this trend of bakeries/eateries with a huge emphasis on interior design and relentless marketing that makes me feel a little wary though. Conversation with employees/owners can seem slightly tinged with self-promotion. It seems it's not enough just to offer a good product anymore. You need modern furniture, or cute little buttons and packaging.

That said, i'm interested to see how Oh Yeah fares. The ice cream is good, and it's worth a trip.


Another Pittsburgh Baker said...

My guess is that your conversation would also be "tinged with self promotion" (and deservedly so) if you had successfully jumped all of the hurdles necessary in order to open a new business! How about cutting this shop owner a break? I'll take a little individuality any day over the Baskin Robbins/Coldstones of the world.

Lisa Campbell said...

Thanks for your comment.

It was a first impression. I wasn't meaning to be to harsh, and I think most of my comments are positive.

Perhaps it's just the reality now that in order to compete in business you do have to consider factors that used to be less important.

Corvus said...

Self promotion has long been the hallmark of the successful independent business, in one way or another. It's far less expensive to have your employees build enthusiasm for their workplace than to buy late night television commercials.

Far less tacky too, in my opinion.

It's just like. It's just like. A mini mall.