Friday, April 6, 2007

I Scream. Strawberry.

Strawberry Ice Cream

My new ice cream maker arrived yesterday. I hauled the thirty-three pound monstrosity from campus to my apartment, and this morning my arms are incredibly sore O.o

I was worried it was a frivolous purchase. Maybe it was, but this ice cream definitely soothed my doubts some. It's strawberry ice cream from Emily Lucchetti's A Passion for Ice Cream. The recipe was so simple, and the results were fabulous.

I also figured out why I had some problems with the cocoa nib ice cream:

1) I didn't strain the base when it grew a skin on top of it, which resulted in a few funky bites that'd have little bits sticking to the spoon.

2) I churned it too long.

Someone at work told me this cuisinart automatically stops when it is done. I don't think this is true: the machine stops turning when the ice cream is too thick for the churning arm to operate properly. This is often after close to an hour of churning.

The ice cream will seem thick, but when you freeze it it will be too airy/icy. I suggest taking the ice cream out of the machine while it is still the consistency of a loose soft serve, then letting it harden in the fridge.

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