Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Espresso Meringues with Berries and Cream.

Espresso Meringe w/ Custard and Berries

For me, baking at home is a luxury. We have a Simac gelato machine, a stand mixer, baking pans of all shapes and sizes, and a well-stocked pantry. Since i've been home, i've tried 1-4 new recipes a day!

I choose recipes in a manner of ways: Usually, I pull cookbooks from the library that strike my fancy (this is usually around 7-15 books, depending how many I can carry.) I scan shelves for chefs, authors, or publications I know to be good/reputable. I'll check random books that have interesting covers or pictures. Lastly, i'll take a quick look at the new cookbooks section before heading home.

I also check several on-line sources. I'll browse my favorite food blogs' archives. I'll do random google searches and quick checks on epicurious.com and foodnetwork.com.

If i'm near a Borders or Barnes and Noble, i'll also try to check all the new issues of food publications. Some of my favorites are Vogue Entertainment and Travel, Donna Hay Magazine, Saveur, Choclatier, Gourmet, Food and Travel, Cooks Illustrated, and Martha Stewart Living. The food sections of the LA Times and New York Times can also yield good ideas.

Ultimately, I choose something I feel like eating at that moment (though equipment, the season, and abundant produce can also determine my choice.) I also try to pick recipes that use techniques I'm not as familiar with.

...that is of course if i'm not grumpy, tired, and stressed. Then I pick something really, really simple.


Lola said...

That looks delicious! Can you share the recipe?

Lisa Campbell said...

Hi Lola,

This recipe is from "Chocolate Holidays" by Alice Medrich. If you can't find a copy in your local library etc, let me know if you'd still like the recipe.