Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Crepes with Nutella

Making Crepes

Crepes with Nutella

I can never make sense of crepe-making instructions. They say things like "pour the batter into the pan, rotating the pan so a thin layer coats the entire bottom." If you've never made a crepe, it can be hard to picture this process. You might try and execute it, only to find that your pan is too hot, your batter is the wrong consistency, and you haven't poured enough to coat the whole pan.

I also notice that people tend to be very opinionated about crepes. In your effort to learn more, you might ask a friend for advice. They might insist that you buy an expensive, "authentic" crepe pan or (heaven forbid) one of these. They will probably have a strong opinion on how long to cook the crepe, and how brown it should be (if at all).

I think crepe technique is best observed and practiced, not read. Try a few batter recipes until you find one you like and can execute it consistently. I'm partial to David Lebovitz's Buckwheat Crepes. I cook them in a flimsy skillet that cost less than $10, using technical cues from Jacques Pepin and my old catering boss. Since i'm usually cooking for one, I like to make all of the crepes and store them in the freezer for later filling/reheating.

This is one of those moments i'd love to be able to make a video.

How do you cook your crepes?


Kelly Anne said...

Crepes were one of those foods I would make in college when I had the appropriate ingrediants and not much else / not much time. And since I always had eggs flour and milk, and was often really busy... crepes got made.

My best success has been with lightly whisking the egg and a little milk, then sifting the flour in, alternating with milk, whisking all the time. Let it settle a bit, then pour onto a heated pan - mine end up looking about the same brownness as yours, and my pan is very similar as well.

Ok, so they're not as good as the ones I've gotten in Montemarte, but they're pretty yummy.

helenahimm said...


On my side I would need to let it sit at least for 1 hour so it comes with the texture i like (if it makes any sense). When I don't I find it too airy.

I like sweet ones, but I'm more on the savory side so i would make a mushroom cream to top my chicken, mozzarela, spinach crepe =D

I'll keep checking your blog, is very nice, clean and what I love the most after drawing, "cooking"

Jesse said...

Crepe-making has always fascinated me. I think I have the technique down as far as the cooking part, but getting the batter consistency just right is something I need a little more practice at. These comments help- and I feel bolstered by the fact that it's not my pan that is the problem. I love my $10 skillet!