Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Weekend in Philadelphia.

Pittsburgh Needs Eated is on a brief hiatus, if you haven't noticed. I'm in Philadelphia for the ALA Midwinter Conference.

Philadelphia is an interesting city that's full of culinary delights. Here's a sampling of what i've been enjoying:

1) Burnt Sugar, Chai, Heirloom Apple Marscarpone, and Toasted Almond gelato from Capogiro. Heirloom Apple Marscarpone was unbelievable. I'll try a few more flavors before I leave.

2) Coffee and a bagel sandwich from Mugshots. Their espresso is fantastic.

3) Simple, good Korean food from Giwa.

4) A plain croissant and a poached pear/chocolate/pistachio tart from The Metropolitan Bakery. I've heard mixed reviews about this bakery in the past. I thought the pastries were fantastic. I really appreciate that their tart crusts are crunchy on the bottom and the pastries are very well browned, as good pastries should be.

5) Some beets and feta, a smoked mozzarella and crispy prosciutto sandwich, and a good glass of red wine from Tria. It reminded me a little of 'ino and Cube.

6)A massive veggie burger with sweet potato fries and coleslaw from Sabrina's Cafe. They have great breakfast, brunch, and lunch offerings.

7) Some of a Belgian sugar waffle from Bonte. I didn't really care for it; the sugary crust was nice, but the waffle itself was overly dense like undercooked churro batter. I'm so picky about waffles.

Tomorrow i'm going to Tinto for a belated birthday dinner. There are many places I would have loved to try if I had more time: Remedy Tea Bar, Monk's Cafe, Scoop DeVille...

I will be eating pretty simply when I get back to Pittsburgh. For now, i'm enjoying myself.


Christy said...

Happy belated Birthday!

cookworm said...

Although not food-related, I hope while you're in Philly you'll get a chance to visit the Mütter museum; it's my favorite attraction in the city. Happy bday!

David McWherter said...

You have to get some street vendor soft pretzels too. I survived on them in college --- and I miss them almost every day.

Anonymous said...

I'm headed to Philly in early March and will definitely try to hit some of these spots. Thanks for the suggestions!