Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Rocky Road Bars, and a Contest.

Rocky Road Bars

I never made an official New Year's resolution, but I do have some goals in mind. I'd like to try more new recipes. I'd like to learn more about photography. On a positive note, I'm swing dancing and running regularly and I'm happier than i've been in a while!

I'd like to offer a small challenge. I will bake and mail/give something to the first person who can correctly identify this food object in a comment. You can suggest types of baked goods (cookies, bars, tea cakes) or flavors (chocolate, nuts, fruits) you'd prefer, but please be reasonable. Leave an e-mail address so I can get in touch with you.

Franmag correctly identified this as a coconut grater. More specifically, it's a Kumyu (come-joo). It's very handy for Chamorro cooking. According to mom, my grandmother used to grate 16 coconuts 3 times a day to feed the pigs.

I'm thinking of making a little video on opening and grating coconuts. We'll see.

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Gazella said...


FranMag said...

It's a coconut grater!!

chiffOnade said...

It looks kinda like the thing my boyfriend "Big Bear" uses to chop his food with (he has no teeth because of some drug he used).

Of course "Big Bear" weighs 437 pounds and looks just like Bobby Hill (on the "King of the Hill" program)

As a PROFESSIONAL CHEF graduated from Peter Kump's culinary school in New York, I love good desserts. But "Big Bear" would slap me around again if I made anything with nuts in it.

abe said...

aw, sad. i think franmag got it.

i was completely stumped. the best i could come up with is some kind of pitter. perhaps you'd whack an avocado half against it and the pit would stick. yep.

it was either that or some kind of vicious food-related shoe horn. choux horn. get it? ahaha. uh.

FranMag said...

I think I had an unfair advantage. I was born in Guam and my mother is Micronesian and we always had coconuts to be grated. In her prime, my Mom could husk a coconut in under a minute and grate all the meat out in another minute. And if anyone thinks that's easy, it's not! My e-mail is franw66 at aol.com.

Ehrrin said...

I want to see that video! I love coconuts, but hardly ever get them because of the extreme sport required to open them. I want to see how this lil' gadget works. Where'd you find it?

Lisa Campbell said...


My aunt picked up the blade while she was in Guam, and my uncle sanded the piece of wood and attached it.

This one is pretty utilitarian- I have relatives with Kumyus shaped and painted like guitars or built into stools with feet.