Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Package from New Zealand!

Package from NZ

Package from NZ

I recently participated in Baking by Mail, a great blogging event hosted by Stephanie of "The Happy Sorceress." It's a food blogger package exchange.

I love getting packages in the mail, especially if they contain food products. I love sending mail too, though I've been negligent with pen-pal correspondence.

I sent a package filled with treats from the Strip District to Smita. I tried to give her things I love eating on a regular basis.

In return, I got a package from Morven all the way from New Zealand! It contained Tim Tams, tea, Marmite, tomato sauce, a calendar, a touring map, a note pad, a plastic kiwi prepping tool, some napkins, and a Cadbury chocolate bar.

I particularly loved the Tim Tams. Morven also sent me some magazines that were probably my favorite part of the package. I love foreign food publications. They're always filled with interesting language, ingredients, and photography. Thank you Morven for the thoughtful treats!


Kelly Anne said...


I hope you did a Tim Tam Slam - bite off two opposite corners, and use as a straw in your favorite hot beverage. Then as soon as the hot drink touches your tongue, you QUICKLY turn the biscuit around and eat the whole thing in a go. And "that's when it becomes orgasmic" (PS - I don't bite off quite as much as Natalie, but then I was originally taught by biting off the VERY top and the VERY bottom so... to each their own).

Most recommended with tea, coffee, or the Milo you've got there.

Also - fill the bottom of a mug with milo and about a teaspoon of hot water, just enough to wet the milo, then put cold milk on top and mix vigirously. The result is a less flavored (but good) milk drink with delicious bits of milo floating on the top. Hard to get it just right (even when I used to do it every day after 3 months of practice I didn't always get it) but delightful.

I want some Aussie food now.

Rimca said...

Thanks for writing this.