Saturday, May 5, 2007

Kumquat Poundcakes, Revel Bars and More!

Kumquat Poundcake
Kumquat Poundcake from Hidemi Sugino's Dessert Book.

Revel Bars
Oatmeal cookie type bar with thick chocolate ganache in the middle.


Chocolate covered Ice Cream! Lemon/soft gingersnap, green tea, panforte, and turron.


Kumquat Compote in process.

Apple Pudding Cake
Apple and almond pudding from Bill's Open Kitchen.

Orange and Buckwheat Crepes filled with nutella and oranges.

Pierre Herme's Lemon Tart
Pierre Herme's Lemon Tart.


Rachel said...

I made this tart yesterday and it came out absolutely heavenly. However, I'd like to know how you got it so smooth, and what crust recipe you used. Did you pour the mixture straight into the crust without refrigerating it in a separate container?

Pittsburgh Needs Eated said...

Hi Rachel,

There are several versions of this recipe in cookbooks and online. I've worked from the version printed in "The Cook's Book: (both the crust and filling came from that book)

It's been several years since I made this, but I believe I poured the filling directly into the crust, through a strainer.

Rachel said...

That's what I thought. I strained it, and it did come out smooth in that respect, however, the recipe indicates you should pour it into container, refrigerate, then mix it up again, then pour into shell, which i believe doesn't have the same smooth effect, as it looks like a homemade pie rather than a gourmet pastry. Thank you so much for response. I will try it next time by pouring straight into crust.