Sunday, February 18, 2007

South Side Soup Contest

Saturday was the third annual South Side Midwinter Soup Contest. I think this is one of the cooler events in the South Side (aside from the Zombie Walk...) There were 25 entries this year from various restaurants and organizations, some of my favorites being Gypsy Cafe (the owner, Melanie Evankovich, pictured below) Cafe du Jour, and Le Pommier.

Anyway, I headed down to the South Side and spent a good part of the afternoon walking up and down East Carson St. sampling the different soups. There were some interesting ones: a lamb soup heavily spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg, butternut squash with ginger-lime creme fraiche, celery root bisque with bacon and chevre, an amazing crab, shrimp, and sausage gumbo, and minestra.

I quite enjoyed myself. Here are a few photos of people enjoying serving/eating soup!





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