Monday, February 19, 2007

The Pie That Wouldn't Be Decorated

Decorating Pie

Key Lime Pie w/ Haupia Topping

I really look foward to potlucks. This weekend, I planned to recreate the delicious dessert i'd made earlier this month: key lime pie with pecan crust and haupia (coconut pudding) topping.

I decided to be ambitious with my decorating. Instead of chilling the entire layer of haupia in a seperate springform pan, I tried cooling it down and piping it on top of the finished pie. Unfortunately, the haupia wasn't set enough to hold a shape, and I ended up just spreading it on.

I froze a second layer of haupia, hoping to cut some pretty shapes out of it. Once again, I pulled it out too early and it wouldn't hold. I scooped it all into a pastry bag and tried to pipe some decorative circles, but this time they were too frozen and looked lumpy and turd-ish.

Simple is better sometimes. When it warmed up I spread it flat and made a pretty border of toasted coconut.


L said...

You scratch my blog, I'll scratch yours! I'll be loading my family cookies and special recipes soon, with tags marked "recipes," fyi. Welcome to Blogger!

Brittany said...

I love this blog! I found it through livejournal, and I'm glad to see someone else from the livejournal community has a blogger account too. Great work!

Abe said...

i made you a livejournal syndication journal. pghtasted. cause slackers like me like our friends pages.

Lisa Campbell said...

Abe- you rock.
Brittany- thanks!