Monday, February 23, 2009

Nibby Buckwheat Butter Cookies

Nibby Buckwheat Butter Cookies

Nibby Buckwheat Butter Cookies

Some cookies are best small. To be honest, i've never liked the big-as-your-head cookies found in so many bakeries and coffee shops. They often sacrifice good flavor and texture for size. I'm much happier with a good cup of coffee that has some dainty cookies perched on the saucer.

I liked these Sea Salt and Cocoa Shortbreads so much that i've been exploring other recipes for butter cookies. I love the crisp, crumbly texture that comes from proper mixing and the occasional addition of corn starch or gluten-free flours (they contribute to the "shortness" of the cookie).

These Nibby Buckwheat Butter Cookies were highly recommended by several bloggers, so I decided to try them. The original recipe is for slice-and-bake cookies, but I used a star shaped cutter instead. I used to think cut-out cookie required too much labor, but i've been more willing to make them since I started rolling out the soft dough inside of ziplock bags (a tip you can see demonstrated in this post).

I made a half-batch of dough, which still yielded plenty of small cookies. Since I was out of vanilla extract, I used the seeds from half a vanilla bean and saved the pod to make vanilla sugar. I also lightly toasted the cocoa nibs to improve their flavor, and sprinkled a little sea salt over the top of the dough.

The finished cookies are perfect for tea or snacking. They're not too sweet, and they're small enough that most people will happily indulge in a few. You can find Alice Medrich's original recipe here, courtesy of 101 Cookbooks.


Snooky doodle said...

interesting recipe :)

camille said...

Thanks for linking to my post! I might be a huge dork but I got all aflutter when I saw that.

And I think I'd like these wee cookies. You're right about so many big bakery ones - so often, they're a letdown.

Kirby! said...

I agree with you about huge cookies. I like to finish a cookie and actually be glad that I ate it-- when I eat the giant ones, I usually just feel sick!

These look great... I've never had a buckwheat cookie! Heidi is my dawg!