Friday, January 30, 2009

Croissants from Jean-Marc Chatellier

Croissants from Jean Marc Chatellier

Croissants from Jean Marc Chatellier

Last week I stopped by Jean Marc Chatellier to buy pastries for work. I decided on assorted croissants: 2 plain, 2 almond, and 3 chocolate. I was sorely tempted by a tray of freshly made lemon tarts, but I thought they'd be a little much for breakfast.

If you can get to Millvale, the bakery is worth a visit. Not all of the pastries are my favorite, but they are executed with elegance and attention to detail. There's always something interesting to see; on previous visits I've seen Jean-Marc working on exquisite wedding cakes with elaborate florals.

These croissants were quite large. The almond croissant was filled with a pastry cream which was delicious, but not the almond cream I was expecting. Still, $9 dollars for 7 pastries is a bargain, and there are enough varieties for everyone to find something they like.


Anonymous said...

Can I come work with you?! Fancy and fresh croissants sound amazing. My coworkers bring in yucky Costco dry cakes :( Which I pretend to eat and then stealthily dispose of them in the kitchen trashcan.

pRiyA said...

what a generous woman you are.
i wish you were MY colleague!

Lauren said...

A French teacher friend of mine says that that's the only bakery in Pittsburgh that comes close to France.

Helene said...

I love these bakeries. We don't have any around here. That's unfortunate.

Anonymous said...

Any recommendations for a croissant recipe, L?

I haven't eaten one in the States that could compare to the delicious German and French ones I had. (I missed J-M C's. Was that the bakery you mentioned where you can buy a Buche de Noel?)