Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pittsburgh Eating 11/08

Chocolate Caramel Nougat

I'm starting to crave different things now that Pittsburgh's begun the brutal transition from fall to winter. In the baking department, I think about apples, pears, pumpkins, cranberries, toasted nuts, spices, holiday treats, and hot beverages.

I've also noticed a change in what I want to eat outside the apartment. Last weekend I was excited to see Strip District stores stocking my favorite lebkuchen and Bahlsen cookies. I've enjoyed quite a few locally available items, and I thought i'd take a moment to mention a few:

In Mon Aimee Chocolat, my friend Diane described this Caramel Chocolate Nougat (pictured above) as "the most decadent Mars bar you can imagine." It's too intense to eat in one sitting, but I loved the dark, rich nougat studded with almonds and pistachios.

I made several sandwiches on the Parmesan Baguette from Allegro Hearth Bakery. It has great flavor and gets brilliantly golden and crusty when oiled and grilled. Allegro Hearth also has a really nice brioche, if you're looking to make decadent stuffing, french toast, bread pudding, or bostock.

I don't usually tout restaurants, but I've eaten at Dinette three times already. I've tried a few of the pizzas: grilled eggplant with oil-cured olives, escarole with a sunny-up egg, fontina with fingerling potatoes and rosemary, and radicchio with pancetta. The fritto misto was delicious, as were the wines I tried. It's dangerously close by.

I also had a pleasant lunch with a coworker at Baba D's in Oakland. I particularly love the Fool Madamas and the Sleek. The tahini in the Fool Madamas was sublime.

I'd love to hear if you've tried an interesting Pittsburgh food product lately!


Christina said...

I remember Mars bars as having a white nougat center, unless it's referring to the British Mars bar, or just a Mars bar but with a chocolate nougat? Kind of reminds me of a Zero bar, actually, but without the white fudge coating. (Which now I want to eat.)

Anyway, it looks really good, but I don't live anywhere near Pittsburgh so I can't try it. The design on top is lovely!

Keri said...

Oh! I love Dinette as well. I had the best squash soup there last week and a can-yes, a can of beer (Burgh beer)! I enjoy your blog; seems we travel in the same food circles, though you have me beat with your skills!

Pittsburgh Needs Eated said...


I've never had a Mars bar, so I woudln't know! I'm a big nougat fan in general. Mon Aimee used to carry some orange pistachio nougat that was painfully expensive, but amazing.

Betsy said...

Hi! I'm a fellow Pittsburgh and lurker of your blog, but I've never commented.

I LOVE mon amie but I've never tried their nougats. I usually get a bag of their non-nonpareils (the dark chocolate kind). But I'm really obsessed with the Pittsburgh Popcorn company (also in the strip, up the street from mon amie)- they have great seasonal flavors. I recently had a bag of cranberry crunch and it was GREAT!

- Betsy

cookworm said...

I love the ful mudamas at Baba D's. Haven't been there in ages, but I used to eat there all the time in college. My current Pittsburgh favorite is the cider they were selling at the Goose Creek stand from Beccari's Farm Market.