Friday, August 8, 2008

Moving and a Wedding.

Wedding Brunch

Wedding Brunch

I'm playing cello for a friend's wedding this weekend. While the wedding festivities (and the final stages of moving/unpacking) leave little time for baking, they've created plenty of opportunities for eating good food.

I didn't take any pictures of said food; I was too busy enjoying myself. We brunched on crab canapes, jerk chicken, ceviche, stone fruit salad, caprese salad, fried zucchini blossoms, chicken sandwiches, fantastic ravioli, and champagne at The Cafe at the Frick.

I thought Abay, an Ethiopian restaurant, was a risky choice for the rehearsal dinner, but it was perfect. The staff was obviously excited to host us, and they did a fantastic job picking an assortment of dishes and dealing with guests constantly changing seats. No one seemed to mind the lack of utensils; everyone shared and interacted. The Tikil Gomen and Misir Wat were particularly good.

Both restaurants provided some of the best service i've experienced in a while. They handled large parties, multiple dietary restrictions, and unanticipated delays with ease. Moreover, they were courteous, enthusiastic, and helpful.

This week i'm headed home to Los Angeles again. I've already had several baking requests, so more recipes are forthcoming!


Christina said...

Have a great time at the wedding!

The restaurants sounds amazing! Abay will definitely make a lasting impression on those who were at the rehearsal dinner.

Good luck with the move.

Michelle said...

Both Abay and The Frick were such fantastic choices! What a great impression for those who may have traveled from outside of Pittsburgh.