Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sbrisolona, revisited.

Sbrisolona, revisited.

White Gazpacho

Let's pretend, for a moment, that I didn't forget the butter in the refrigerator while making this almond cake. Instead, let's pretend that you asked what would happen, Lisa, if I made your sbrisolona without any butter?

Not much, actually. The finished cake is slightly drier, but not so much so that it loses its chewy, dense consistency. In some ways, this cake turned out better than the previous version; it had better volume and texture, probably because I took more care whipping the eggs and erring on the lighter side of the flour measurement.

The second photo is a white gazpacho from last week's dinner party. The recipe involves cucumbers, almonds, grape juice, bread, and several other ingredients I don't remember. It was really refreshing, and the spicy oil on top was a nice touch.

On another note, I had a lovely dinner at Legume; the peach shortcakes were fantastic. The shortcake itself was something like a biscuit and a very rich piece of shortbread.

I also purchased a dining table. I am going to recover the chairs with this bright, stripey fabric. It has two extra leaves, and i'm going to acquire a few more chairs.

Not much else is new. I move in a week, and by then I should feel ready for some more ambitious baking.


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Christina said...

I forgot the eggs in a cookie once, but it actually turned out fine!

The chairs are going to look great!