Thursday, December 20, 2007

In Los Angeles for the Holidays.

I'm in Los Angeles until January 5th.
I made a little google map of places i'd like to try if there's time and I feel like driving.

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My initial motivation to try new places is wearing off quickly. The holidays are just too busy and nuts. Maybe i'd feel differently if every restaurant didn't require 45 minutes to an hour of driving each way.

I did have a fantastic lunch at Joe's on Abbot Kinney. I ate a really fantastic pineapple dessert: a sort of baked sabayon with pineapple on a crispy bottom crust with caramel sauce and spiced ice cream...

I'm enjoying a few new food products- particularly green tea yogurt from Trader Joe's and Danesi's Dancioc, a cocoa mix with some cornstarch that makes a thick hot chocolate that's not overly sweet. If you add enough powder, you'll end up with pudding. Mmmm.

I'm not sure how much baking i'll be doing. We'll see. I have an Alice Medrich babka recipe bookmarked.


L said...

I'm in LA, too. Would you be interested in meeting up? There's a great place in Canoga Park called desserts by Edie, and there are double-features at the New Beverly that you might like to watch....

roxy =^o^= said...

If you make it down a little further south, you can meet my mother in Westminster LOL

Love your blog, Lisa. It's fabulous - thank you for sharing your brilliance & Merry Christmas!

Lisa Campbell said...


I might be up for hanging out- how long are you in town?