Sunday, August 16, 2009

CSA Box Equals Less Baking

White Peach

There were amazing peaches in my Penn's Corner Farm Alliance CSA box this week. I have included an extra-large photo to convey my extra-large love for them.


Wifey said...

We belong to the Penns Corner CSA, too, and the peaches we got last Tuesday were indeed delicious. They didn't last long.

Courtney Craig, DC said...

I'm new to pgh and want to join a CSA. Is this the best one? It's late in the game so sign-up isn't available anymore for Penn. Any that are still open?

Pittsburgh Needs Eated said...

Hi Courtney-

I'm not the best person to talk to about CSA- I love Penn's Corner, but many of my friends enjoy their shares from Kretschmann's.

I'm actually looking for someone to take over my half of a Penn's Corner CSA share. If you'd be interested and are anywhere near Oakland or the South Side, drop me a line.

Wifey said...

SP belonged to Kretschmann's when he lived in Squirrel Hill & really liked theirs - he split it with 2 of his friends & they always had a lot of goodies. Penns Corner had the best pick up locations for us (we live in Robinson) & we split with SP's brother. We've been happy so far. We registered just in time this year - I think most CSA's have sign ups in February. I've heard good things about Harvest Valley Farm CSA, too.