Saturday, May 19, 2007

My Job.


Pastry Trays

Pastry Trays

I work at the cafe on an old millionaire's estate. Pittsburgh piano trio performed a few weeks ago and we made ten trays of pastry. Two came back, mostly finished off. It's a good feeling when you work hard and everyone eats everything.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Kumquat Poundcakes, Revel Bars and More!

Kumquat Poundcake
Kumquat Poundcake from Hidemi Sugino's Dessert Book.

Revel Bars
Oatmeal cookie type bar with thick chocolate ganache in the middle.


Chocolate covered Ice Cream! Lemon/soft gingersnap, green tea, panforte, and turron.


Kumquat Compote in process.

Apple Pudding Cake
Apple and almond pudding from Bill's Open Kitchen.

Orange and Buckwheat Crepes filled with nutella and oranges.

Pierre Herme's Lemon Tart
Pierre Herme's Lemon Tart.